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Gene Macha Sod Farm
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When Gene Macha installed his new $250,000 irrigation unit in his 75 acre sod farm last spring, his first concern was paying off the equipment. With industry standards for the first sod cuttings between 12-15 months, Macha would have to wait over a year to see revenue. He purchased and installed an AquaTron system and planted the treated plot in May. Macha is already scheduling his first cutting for March, a savings of up to 6 months!

Two small side plots were planted in early and late April, and not treated with the AquaTron. Then, treated plots were planted up to 5 weeks later. The AquaTron treated plots caught up and surpassed the earlier plantings.

AquaTron treated soil, "stayed fluffier and was able to absorb water better than the untreated," Macha observes. "With the treated grass, the runners started taking off and growing faster, and responded to the fertilizer faster than the untreated."

"I had a lot of money tied up in this irrigation system. What I liked about AquaTron was that I could harvest the turf sooner, and pay off my equipment quicker," Macha says.
Houston Texas
"Minute Made Park", home of the Astros received AquaTron treated sod provided by Turfgrass America.

The AquaTron has also been installed on the stadium irrigation system.
Turf Grass Tests using the AquaTron System
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